Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution (2007)

This 2007 film is another one that is not so much a gem but more a should-be-more-widely-known. Because even as this period piece is not exactly a cinematic treasure, it is still superior to others of that kind - like The Boat That Rocked, for example, which is undeservedly better known and equally undeservedly higher... Continue Reading →

The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs (1974)

[post updated in April 2017] Writing my recommendation for The Piglet Files convinced me that I should write one for The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs as well after all. I had been thinking about this since planning this blog, but I hesitated as for decades (literally) this show had never been available on... Continue Reading →

The Piglet Files (1990-1992)

This one is more or less brand new on my DVD shelf. I didn't even know of its existence a couple of weeks ago. And although calling this show a "gem" would be stretching it a bit, I simply love new discoveries like this – keeps things sort of fresh….. The Piglet Files is a... Continue Reading →

Sleepers (1991)

This is my first recommendation on this blog, not because it would be anywhere near my top 10, but because it is something I watched quite recently: Confusingly, imdb lists Sleepers as a TV series, with only one season, consisting of 4 episodes of just under 55 minutes. This, however, is the very definition of... Continue Reading →

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