Wonderfalls (2004)

This show is known to many, but there may still be people out there who have never heard of it, so I'll include it in my blog. Wonderfalls belongs to a surprisingly large fraternity of TV shows that have two things in common: 1) they were intelligent, fresh, entertaining, and critically acclaimed. 2) they were... Continue Reading →

Manchild (2002-2003)

And another recommendation which Sleepers inspired me to write. Manchild follows the exploits of a group of four male wealthy friends, some of whom have known each other since childhood. Three of them are single or divorced and their age makes them midlife crisis material. Manchild ran for two seasons, each about 7 or 8... Continue Reading →

The Invisibles (2008)

Talking so much about Sleepers made me realise that I could add some words about The Invisibles as well. The Invisibles shares one of its lead actors (Warren Clarke) with Sleepers. The other lead is Anthony Stewart Head. Not all that dissimilar to Sleepers is the premise: two retired master burglars return from self-chosen exile... Continue Reading →

Sleepers (1991)

This is my first recommendation on this blog, not because it would be anywhere near my top 10, but because it is something I watched quite recently: Confusingly, imdb lists Sleepers as a TV series, with only one season, consisting of 4 episodes of just under 55 minutes. This, however, is the very definition of... Continue Reading →

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