As you can see from the tagline, I’ve started this blog in order to recommend films, TV shows, or occasionally radio shows.
There is so much high quality content out there, and often smaller films get overlooked. Of course, not all things are equally well-known in different places, so wether you agree with me that something is indeed “hidden” (or generally overlooked) may depend on where you live.

I would like to point out that these are not “proper” reviews. I believe that in order to write a proper review you have to have watched the film/show in question recently, and I do not have the time to re-watch every single item on this list. Therefore, these are subjective recommendations, not comprehensive, balanced reviews. I also believe that the “value” of my recommendations lies in their connection to each other. I. e., you like film X, see that I have recommended it here, see that I have recommended film Y (which may be of a similar genre) and decide to give that one a try, because of our similar taste regarding the first film. In fact, I believe that the longer the list of my recommendations gets, the more readers will be able to fathom my tastes and therefore judge whether they themselves might like some film/show I recommend.


Please feel free to leave comments via the blog’s reply function.


Should you feel the need to, you can also contact me via this e-mail-address: hfgblogcomment[§$&]aol.com
…..you know how this works: just replace the [§$&] with an @

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