Miss Nobody (2010)

Miss Nobody is an amusing, darkish comedy about a mousy little woman who fights back a little bit more than expected when exposed to the backstabbing world of her company’s executive floor. It’s a bit like The Secret of My Success, but with a couple of dead bodies thrown in for good measure.


In Leslie Bibb the film has a great lead actress who is the perfect choice for the role. All other characters are absolutely secondary; and as they all are surreal one-note stereotypes, the actors have no chance to really show their talent. Some of these characters are entertaining, like the lead character’s mother (Kathy Baker); some are outright boring to watch and completely forgettable, like the police-man played by Adam Goldberg, for example.

The surreal characters, the ridiculous plot, the score, and the humorous, entirely blood- and gore-less depiction of death and homicide – all this creates a tone that reminds me a lot of Pushing Daisies. And where Pushing Daisies has a narrator, Miss Nobody has Bibb’s character frequently breaking the fourth wall.


This film is a quirky comedy that is far less ambitious than 2014’s Miss Meadows. But while Miss Meadows aims high and misses the mark, Miss Nobody aims lower and succeeds. More importantly, the film gets the tone it is aiming for absolutely right, which Miss Meadows never managed.

While Miss Nobody tonally reminds me of Pushing Daisies, the subject matter of a person taking the “fight” of the corporate world to the enemy reminds me of Michael Caine’s A Shock to the System. But I haven’t seen that film in over 20 years, so I might be wrong.


Miss Nobody is a quirky little film that can be recommended for anyone who is looking for an undemanding yet entertaining comedy with a running time of under 90 minutes. For those evenings when you have neither the time nor the energy to watch something heavy or ambitious. The current imdb-rating of 5.5 is definitely far too low.

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