Five Unknown BBC Comedy Shows

I have hit a kind of lull again. I have not enough time to watch new things, and those that I do watch are mostly not really worthy of being included in this blog.

So I’ll get back to lazily linking to other people’s opinions. Patrick Norrie wrote an article on Screenrobot entitled “Five great BBC comedies the corporation failed to promote“. The article is already 4 years old, but I only discovered it very recently via reddit. Norrie’s taste in comedy seems to differ greatly from mine. From what I’ve read in the article, he seems to prefer his comedy to be dark, edgy, and absurd. But this is not about my taste, but about quality and “anonymity” – and I have never heard of a single one of the five comedy shows Norrie lists in his article, despite the fact that some ran for several years and that some involve well-known people before and behind the camera. So, just read the article, if you like, and see if any of the shows might appeal to you.


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