Wild Target (2010)

A recent reddit post reminded me that I could (and should) write some words about Wild Target.


This British remake of a 1993 French film has an outstanding cast. Bill Nighy plays a professional hitman, whose latest job spirals out of control. The female lead is Emily Blunt as a would-be con-artist. And the main supporting role sees Rupert Grint as a clueless goof.

Smaller parts are also filled with first-rate British actors, such as Martin Freeman, Rupert Everett, and Rory Kinnear.


I like crime comedies, and Wild Target falls pretty much into that genre. And while it is a hitman-comedy, it has no noticeable Tarantino-esque tone (unlike Violet & Daisy or Perrier’s Bounty). Perhaps Wild Target is just “too British” in tone and would not work as a Tarantino clone.


Wild Target also feels slightly “small-ish” in scope and presentation. It looks and feels more like a British TV-movie rather than a cinematic production – and I guess Hollywood would have thrown a number of additional action scenes, car chases, and explosions into such a script. But this small, cosy feel (with a limited number of important characters, as well) is exactly what helps to create the special charm of this film.


Wild Target failed to impress critics (which is utterly inconceivable) and bombed at the box office. To me, this is a very entertaining film with a very good cast and I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

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