Come Fly With Me (2010-2011)

Having recently re-watched this series, I thought I should add it here, as I assume that it is relatively unknown outside the UK.

Come Fly With Me is a BBC mockumentary about a variety of characters working in and around airports. The show consists of only one season, containing six episodes, and was created by Matt Lucas and Mark Walliams, who had previously created the widely-known Little Britain franchise. I have to admit that I, personally, was never the biggest fan of Little Britain, but I absolutely love Come Fly With Me.

Mockumentaries have two sides to them, the outer shell (the documentary style), and the inner core (the comedic content). Come Fly With Me has a great shell, great content, and it marries the two seamlessly.

This show has a perfect documentary style, which includes the slide-show opening with its very convincing theme music. Another very important element of the genuine documentary feel is the voice and speech mode of the narrator, Lindsay Duncan.

I would argue that, stylistically, nothing here betrays the fact that this is in fact not a real documentary. I. e., if you watch this and another person walks past the room, for example, they would probably be convinced you are watching a documentary.

The comedic content is very enjoyable. As with Little Britain, Lucas and Walliams play all the main characters themselves. These involve airport and airline personal, paparazzi, travellers, and the owner of a low-cost airline.

There are also some guest stars, including David Schwimmer, for example.

It is difficult to predict if people will or will not enjoy Come Fly With Me. I guess if you like Little Britain, there is a chance that you will like this show as well. But there are Little Britain fans who dislike the show. And, as I said, I absolutely love Come Fly With Me, even though I am not a big Little Britain fan.

It might be a question of style: Come Fly With Me has a much slicker, cleaner look than Little Britain, and a humour that in some ways often sticks much closer to reality. That is a result of this being a satire, as well as a mockumentary, while Little Britain had no bounds and was much more farcical. That being said, the humour in Come Fly With Me also regularly spirals far into the absurd (as did the humour in Little Britain), but the sketches start out being very grounded and only slowly begin to take off.

At any rate, I suggest you give this show a try.


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