Hidden Film Gems of 2015

Unfortunately, I am currently not managing to post regularly, or even semi-regularly. Other things keep getting in the way.

So, in lieu of a “real” post, I will recommend to you a youtube video which I came across a few days ago by coincidence. And by coincidence, the young man running the channel has named this video “Hidden Film Gems of 2015”, so it couldn’t fit any more neatly into my blog.

The video lists eleven films from last year which are great, but somewhat stayed under the radar. I have not seen any of them, and only really know four from that list, but about these four I have heard great things: Victoria, 45 Years, Phoenix, and Don Hertzfeldt’s animated short World of Tomorrow. Although I will admit that at least the former two have received so much buzz within the arthouse and the awards-gazing communities that it might be difficult to justify the adjective “hidden”.

Enjoy: youtube link



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