Theatre of Blood (1973)

Some of you may know this film already, others may never have heard of it.
Theatre of Blood is a classic 1970s horror film, featuring a number of top British actors of the day, including Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, and Robert Morley.

It is difficult to compare it to modern-day horror films. It is not a cheap slasher film going for cheap shocks at all cost, and yet it is at times shocking as well as truly gory. In other words: as much as I venerate this film for not being like those disgusting modern “torture porn” films of the Saw variety, it would be absolutely wrong to watch this film and expect to not be shocked or disgusted. It has a lot of elements of black humour and is often billed as a horror comedy, but heed my general warning : this film is not for squeamish or faint-hearted people like me……

Apart from the cast and its style, the film has other advantages as well. It is well-written and reasonably intelligent. And, most importantly, it all centres around Shakespeare and the theatre.
I hesitate to tell you more, so as not to spoil anything, let me just say that Shakespeare is employed in this film as the murder weapon of choice……

I consider this film a must-see for fans of the genre, fans of Vincent Price, and lovers of Shakespeare (unless you think the gory scenes may be too much for you).

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