The Invisibles (2008)

Talking so much about Sleepers made me realise that I could add some words about The Invisibles as well. The Invisibles shares one of its lead actors (Warren Clarke) with Sleepers. The other lead is Anthony Stewart Head.
Not all that dissimilar to Sleepers is the premise: two retired master burglars return from self-chosen exile in Spain, as old age makes Britain seem more appealing again. Renowned in their day, they were never caught and their identities never revealed. So while they are not in hiding but can live an open and public life, they still have to be careful what to say and whom to trust.
A certain “inner unrest” combined with circumstances brought on by outside forces, sees them back in action as thieves and burglars in each episode. With this revival comes the realisation that the years have not passed without taking their toll.

The premise is great, but is never used to its full potential. In fact, you could say much of it is wasted. The cast is great. Apart from the two leads, Jenny Agutter and Dean Lennox Kelly should be mentioned, as theirs are more than just supporting roles in this series. The other supporting actors are also great, as are many of the key players that are only there for their individual episode /storyline.
But that is about it. Unfortunately, the writing falls well short of the show’s and the cast’s potential, and that more than just once. Among the six episodes of this one-season-only series there are some stronger and some weaker ones, but overall I always felt mildly disappointed. Unfortunately, the final episode felt especially weak.

One reviewer put it this way: someone at the BBC had seen the great premise and the great cast and decided that there is no need to put to much effort into the plot, as the result will somehow turn out good enough either way.
It certainly feels a bit like that.

That said, if you like the premise and the cast, and are looking for some decent entertainment, you might want to check out this show. Just be sure not to spend too much money on it……

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